Tornado details.

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Tornado details.

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Thanks for the response V-Driver and very nice work on your tornado. I wish ours was finished half that nice. Here are some of the details you were wondering about. The engine is '66 396 bored to 408, factory forged crank, scat rods, 12:1 KB pistons, Isky 652/654 lift solid roller, comp. lifters, crane rockers, factory L-88 aluminum heads (un-cut), edelbrock cross-ram, holley 650s (a REAL treat to tune on a cross-ram), mercury thunderbolt ignition. The flywheel is custom steel as is the drive hub. The drive shaft is a splined slip joint going into a Casale 18%O.D. 12deg. drive. The prop is a Menkins 11 3/8 dia. 16pitch. (apparently made from pure gold). Most of the engine, the rudder/quadrant, v-drive, steering and cav plate came from Arts SK class hydro he used to race in Miami in the mid-late '60s. It was tough to get him to do anything "fancy-shmancy" to the boat that "didn't make it go faster" so the fit and finish ended up not so hot. The frames sat in the crate they came in for 25+ years until I took Art to the drag boat races in Augusta a couple of years ago. The next day he say's "I'm gonna build that boat". Anyway, we ended up making both the struts from scratch to get the shaft angle to less than 8deg. which is why the engine sticks up so high. Here are a few pics of the build, I'll post some more later if anyone is interested. Again, if anyone is interested or knows anyone who would like to build their own flats boat, I'm only asking 300 for the frame kit I have + a bunch of silic. brnz screws. It's going to waste and I'm trying to get my A&P lic. so I could use the funds. Thanks. Bill.
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Re: Tornado details.

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Keep the pics coming Bill.

You might want to post about the frame kit in the for sale section.

Where are you in Fla?

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Re: Tornado details.

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HI there Bill

First of all Great looking start. Stay at it. I joined this forum to get tips on building.. I am very interested in building a flats boat. Living in south LA. And here i see your post about the frame kit. please contact me if it is still for sale.

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