My first build a Sissy Do

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My first build a Sissy Do

Post by day1 »

hello, i'm David from Dallas Ga. I just copleted restoring/rebuilding
a 1959 evinrude 3 hp outboard. It looks and runs great! Now I need a boat.
Unable to find one to buy I decided to build. the Sissy Do seems like the right
boat. I've never built anything before so i'll be having alot of questions. Right
now I'm trying to get an estimation on the total cost before investing any money.
How many sheets of the 1/4 in. for the sides will it take?
how many sheets of the 3/8 in. for the bottom will it take?
What other lumber will I need?

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Re: My first build a Sissy Do

Post by jprice »

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Re: My first build a Sissy Do

Post by Mrlew »

Welcome David!

I am also building a Sissy Do not quite half way there I think. Jeff was good enough to post the Bill of Materials which should answer your question. (btw, you can find the BoM for every boat on the Glen L site)

Never having built a boat myself I will say that finding and purchasing the correct lumber was my first hurtle. You will need 2 sheets each of 1/4" and 3/8" plywood and 1 sheet of 3/4". As the plans state exterior will work but I went and found marine plywood. As many on here will tell you if you're going to send all that time and energy on the project why skimp on the materials. Of course that's a personal decision that only you can make.

You will also need some hard wood, mahogany being the choice I went with. It was purchased in the widest width I could find and then using my table saw ripped to the called for width.

If you have more questions don't hesitate to ask. There is a HUGE wealth of information from the kind folks on this forum. It may take a day or two to get some answers but the answers do come.


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Re: My first build a Sissy Do

Post by thudpucker »

Mr Jon might be a better thought. Easy to build. Plywood is pretty cheap.
Think like this. :wink:
Even if you used plain ol' CDX Plywood, that boat will probably last long enough to delight your oldest Grandson.
Use something like PL to seal the parts as you go. That will keep the costs down appreciably.
Sealer, primer and Porch & Deck paint and put it in the water. :D

Don't forget to build some Oars or Paddles for it and wooden Oar lock Sockets. Make it a Real wood boat.
Sadly it's gonna be Stuck with an Ugly, Noisy, Smelly Kicker out of the 20th Century :lol:

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