14' Drifter Transom

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14' Drifter Transom

Post by Gus »

I'm just starting the build on a 14' drifter. I have studied all the plans and reading material and am now ready to start making some sawdust. The major problem I have is with the full size layout of the transom.
For the life of me I cannot see what outline I should follow to make the cuts.

If anyone could lend a hand it would be appreciated.

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Re: 14' Drifter Transom

Post by DrBryanJ »

Gus: The top is obvious. For the sides and bottom, I would cut to the outside edge of the striped areas that are denoting plywood. Once assembled it can be faired to match the insider line of the striped area. Hope this isn't more confusing

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Re: 14' Drifter Transom

Post by TomB »


When in doubt, cut too big, it is easier to fix later...While you may not need this level of answer, the person first showing interest might (last sentence in each paragraph is the short answer), so here goes.

For your transom, I would pencil mark the centerline and top on the plywood, position the pattern over the plywood and mark both the outside and inside back surfaces (noted on the drawing, first and last of the six close parallel lines). You can accomplish the marking by marking the corners with a nail or awl. Across the top there would be four marks on a line. At the bottom there would be two outboard and two inboard marks. I would connect the dots with a straightedge and a sharpie, maybe two colors, one for the inside and another color for the lines connecting the outside set of dots. (those lines are important and need to be preserved as the sawdust flies). Now, as you look at the plywood, you as seeing the profile of the transom, one color is the outside (far side of the plywood) and the other color is the inside (near side of the plywood). Cut to the outside line.

Flip the transom over, now you are looking at the full profile of the inside of the transom. Transfer the dashed lines onto the transom.

Flip the transom back over so you are looking at the outside again. While preserving the inside transom surface, you need to plane/grind/sand a bevel on the plywood edge, wearing away the wedge of plywood between the inside transom line and the cut you made for the inside of the transom. When you have finished this faring process, you will be looking at the drawing, all those close together lines are the plies in the plywood.

Take pictures, its a big deal.

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