centerline of stem question

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centerline of stem question

Post by Dkah »

hello everyone, i am building the sissy do, in the sissy do plans it says '' after assembly point the stem to a 45 degree angle from the centerline as shown in section ss ofthe drawings'', i contacted glen l and they said You’ll need to mark the centerline of your actual stem with a pencil or other marking tool…

so how do i figure out where my centerline goes? thanks for any tips i get.

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Re: centerline of stem question

Post by billy c »

The centerline is half the thickness of the stem.
Here is a link
to pages from the old Boatbuilding with Plywood book. I shows the construction process as well as hand tools used to get the tasks done.
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Re: centerline of stem question

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As Billy said, the center line is at half the thickness of the stem. If you haven't assembled the halves of the stem yet, one way to make the center line obvious is to paint the edge of one of halves of the stem in whatever paint color you happen to have around. After assembling the halves, you'll easily see the mid point.

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Re: centerline of stem question

Post by hoodman »

Get yourself a marking gauge. Go from both sides and adjust until you make a divot in the same spot from both sides. That's the exact center.

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