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Re: Support Knowledge Base - Inboard engine builds

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That is seriously cool. A stroked V12 about one of a kind! I bet it will sound glorious as well.

A quick update on my 454 build, I've got my cam specs nearly sorted as well - looking at:

286 adv int
294 adv exh
226 @0.050 int
234 @0.050 exh
.591" lift int
.601" lift exh
112° lobe sep

so that should be fun :D

I've also decided that I'm going to go forward with Holley Sniper EFI. Read lots of good things, LOVE that I can tune it with a laptop on my own (I know most people hate that about EFI, but as a an electrical engineer specializing in control systems...that's like the icing on the cake!), and at <$1000 it's barely more than a new marine 850 would be anyways! Of course, now I'm stuck trying to plan out my fuel system...which is proving to be quite a headache. I also still need to figure out what to do for ignition. The EFI can control the ignition but given it's a boat a tried and true HEI might be easier, cheaper, and more reliable.

It's been very tough to think about the boat this season as I'm stuck in snowmobile mode, it's one of the best winters in recent memory up in Ontario. But the tailpipes came in recently (see attached) and I just cleaned out the garage to start working on the engine...and bought a walking foot to try my hand at upholstery as well. So I'm back to thinking about boating, while still enjoying riding my sled for the rest of the winter. How lucky am I!


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Re: Support Knowledge Base - Automotive to marine conversion

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What does is take to convert an automotive engine to use in a boat? Is it cheaper to find a marine engine and rebuild it?
We've compiled marine conversion info in this post.
You can save some money if you can find a used marine engine in running condition. We usually opt to rebuild from a good used block and prefer to use new performance parts for reliability. A considerable weight saving can be gained by substituting aluminum parts (bellhousing, exhaust manifolds, intake manifold etc).
Here's a parts list and possible sources :

Marine conversion kit Cooling Electrical
  • - Marine starter
    - Marine Alternator and alternator bracket to suit
    - Ignition Package (Hardin 620-6000)
    (Marine distributor, ignition control box with built-in rev limiter, high vibration coil, 8 MM helicore spark plug wire set, mounting bracket
Fuel system References
That's all for now ! I will be adding to this post in the future.

If you've marinized an engine and would like to share your knowledge, a post to this thread would be welcomed !

Paul Kane
Kane Custom Boats Ltd.
Chelsea, Quebec

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Re: Support Knowledge Base - Inboard engine builds

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long time coming but I finally bored and honed my cylinder block gapped rings miked crank modified seal area to fit neoprene lip seal instead of traditional rope wick style fitted bearings rods and pistons. Used plenty of oil on piston and ring whilst fitting and plenty of assembly lube on bearings when fitting crank and rods

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