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cutting methods

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Hi, again,
I destroyed the stem I made for my 16' drift boat. The plans require a 45 degree point on the front side, the length of the stem. I tried cutting it with a table saw but it took too much material. How are all of you tackling this issue? Also, looking at what wood to buy for the 1x2 chines and sheers. I have read negative comments on white oak. What do all of you suggest?
As always thanks in advance

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Re: cutting methods

Post by Roberta »

I assume the leading and trailing edges are straight and parallel. Try using a wider piece of wood, cut the angle first, then trim to size on the trailing edge.

A fence is helpful, a bandsaw safer.

Any variety of mahogany, Sapele, even white oak (harder and heavier) will work. Full lengths to avoid scarfing.

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Re: cutting methods

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When I needed to make the same kind of 45 degree shaping of the stem for my Imp, I used a belt sander, rather than a saw.

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Re: cutting methods

Post by hoodman »

All my framing is white oak. No problems so far.

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