Why would you need a 2nd set of Barrelback plans?

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Why would you need a 2nd set of Barrelback plans?

Post by jgilblackburn »

Hello, Glen-L forum.

I am a first-time poster having just learned about Glen-L plans.
I have never built a boat yet but I recently I bought a Glen-L 13 built by Hank Henne in St Cloud FL.
I am now considering building a Barrelback 19. I have always loved the old wooden Chris Crafts.
Why would you need a second set of plans? Are the original plans destroyed in the building process?

Thanks for any help. I am sure I will have more questions

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Re: Why would you need a 2nd set of Barrelback plans?

Post by acflynn »

I've wondered the same thing myself, but I'm under the impression that it's more of a luxury item and not actually needed. There are several ways to create the frames for the boat - going from paper to wood. Since the plans are to scale, the paper isn't full beam (6-7 feet in width). With the plans you get half of the frame, so there is some work involved in getting the other half (left or right) applied correctly to the material and all lined up. A second set of plans would "solve" that as one way to do it, if you don't want to spend the effort on trying to mirror the plans. Other approaches I've seen builders cut out the plans and/or apply them directly to the wood, rather than transferring them via tracing paper or other methods, so again, you would have a backup.

Good luck with your build, and there are plenty of helpful folks on this forum. The Barrelback is a beauty of a design - please keep us posted on your progress!
Slowly building a Mist Miss in the Arizona desert

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Re: Why would you need a 2nd set of Barrelback plans?

Post by Brad Tucker »

You can do it with 1 set. The plans are generally for half a boat, as the other half is a mirror image. I guess there are several reasons, from framing them to having a full set (which isn't necessarily needed.

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