Help deciding Chessie Flyer or Glen-L 25 or ?

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Help deciding Chessie Flyer or Glen-L 25 or ?

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Hello All,

This will be my 2nd attempt at a Glen-L build. 1st was an 11' Utility Skiff, which was never finished due to...… well a change in the winds of life. Its all good. I was only up to just before skinning the hull before life smacked me in the face. Now 8+ years later and a big move to Naples Florida and I'm ready to dive back in the waters with bigger ambitions and my sights set on sailing this time. I recently took up sailing with a friend on his 20 footer and really loved it. Similar design to the Fancy Free.

Anyway to the point, I'm leaning towards the Chessie Flyer 27 or the Glen-L 25. It will mainly be coastal sailing in the Florida Gulf. So it will need to handle coastal sailing, island hopping, semi long distance weekender trips and the future hopes of trips to the keys. Trailerable. Single man'd. Only need to accommodate 2 humans and 2 small wiener dogs. Me 6'1" tall and her a tiny 5'2" short. So head room and sleeping accommodations are a factor. I have 3 acres and it will more than likely be built outside. I have all the tools, skills and lack of common sense to accomplish this build.

My thoughts:
I love both designs.
2 completely different hulls, would one have an advantage over the other?

the Chessie: a slightly longer boat(not sure if that gains me anything over the 25), shallow draft 9", 3 sails(not sure if that will complicate things for a beginner), short 4ft head room, looks to have decent sleeping accommodations, flatish hull- I loss some head room in the cabin, but gain low draft and I assume easier to pull up the beach. "The low ketch rig and flat bottom hull, however, does limit windward ability in choppy headsea conditions." you lost me a little there, but doesn't sound good.

the 25(Solo): A bit shorter, 2'1" draft, sounds more problematic to beach then chessie, but doable I believe, taller rounder hull-gives me more head room, 5ft head room, cant tell how good the sleeping accommodations are.

More people seem to be building the Glen-L 25 over the Chessie Flyer. Some say maybe do to the length, but I cant imagine 2ft being the factor. So it begs the question why? This beginner has no idea.

Or do you recommend another design?

Any thoughts, questions and opinions are all welcome.
Thank you in advance.

Alf B
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Re: Help deciding Chessie Flyer or Glen-L 25 or ?

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Hello Dale,

I'm building the Chessie Flyer. Once the hull was turned upright I began to realize just how cramped and limited the interior space really is. It looks ok in plan view but that doesn't tell the full story. The extra foot or so headroom in the 25 would make quite a difference, particularly for a tall person. I am ok with the spartan accomodations of the Chessie Flyer as I don't intend any longer voyages; nothing more than a long weekend. I chose it for it's racy looks, beachability, and easy trailerability. I also suspect that under the right conditions, performance might be quite spectacular. I'm not sure that the 25 could be said to be beachable with 2' 1" draft board up, compared to 9" draft with the Chessie. The 25 will be more comfortable in choppy conditions, and a better boat for open water. My sailing will be limited to protected waters so that was not a concern. Another thing I liked very much about the Chessie was the outboard in a well; no need to hang off the stern to lower and start the engine.

The 25 will be somewhat easier to sail, as with the marconi rig you have only two halyards, where the Chessie has 5.

Your best bet would be to order the study plans for both boats, maybe make some mockups of how the interiors will be to get a realistic sense of relative spaces.

Hope this helps you decide,


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