Texas Barrelback 20

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Re: Texas Barrelback 20

Post by hoodman »

I have a 2wd pickup with one wheel peel and have no problems at the ramps. The tongue weight pushes the back wheels down.

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Re: Texas Barrelback 20

Post by mrintense »

Glad to see this discussion. I've had doubts about my 2WD F-150 since the day I bought it with regards to this very issue. Never had a chance to try it out yet but I am glad to hear that other's have had no issues with this for the most part. I got the 2WD for a few reasons. One was that I likes the truck I bought, it was less expensive than the 4WD versions, and I was concerned about fuel costs and maintenance as well.

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Re: Texas Barrelback 20

Post by psychobilly »

Steve, better to have and not need, then to need and not have.

When you have hands come out to your location to run tools, don’t you always order backups? Think of the 4x4 as a back up. Plus resale on a truck is better with 4x4.

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