Remarkable film building ships by hand in WWII

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Remarkable film building ships by hand in WWII

Post by stephenburnett »

I am unsure if this is an acceptable topic, but this is how my countrymen built Wooden Mine Sweepers and Air-Sea rescue boats in 1943
In some respects it's rather quaint and definitely dated, but to see those fellows cutting, planning and adzing by hand is quite inspirational

The URL for this 12 minutes documentary on Youtube is just below

I just read a first person account of how a flotilla of these mini British gunboats raced between a line of enemy ships, causing total confusion
The enemy were afraid to shoot in case they hit their own ships on the other side. This pause allowed the raiders to cause a significant degree of catastrophic damage - allowing them breathing space to head for home - protected by allied fighters circling above

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Re: Remarkable film building ships by hand in WWII

Post by steveh41 »

Really enjoyed watching this clip... thanks for posting!

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Re: Remarkable film building ships by hand in WWII

Post by DrBryanJ »

Very interesting video. What a remarkable generation that was.

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