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New member Pam from Austin, TX

Post by Pam »

Hi everyone! I’m excited to start my first build. I chose a 13.5’ Power-Row Skiff. This is my first ever carpentry project, so I am quite intimidated, but still determined. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for the add to this forum.

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Re: New member Pam from Austin, TX

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Welcome to the forum, Pam.

A couple of thoughts for you as you set off on your boat building adventure.

First, if you haven't already done so, purchase a copy of Boat Building with Plywood. It is a great resource to have as you go through your build.

Second, take the time that you need to study thoroughly the plans and instructions for your boat before you start cutting wood. There is a ton of detail contained in the plans, and each time you read through the material, things become a little clearer.

Third, ask lots of questions as you go. Really, there's no such thing as a dumb question. Even if it seems like a rather basic point, if it's something you're unclear about, ask away.

Fourth, while some woodworking knowledge is helpful when building a wooden boat, many others have successfully built a boat with little or no prior woodworking experience. More important than prior experience is perseverance. Things will inevitably go wrong during your build, and as all of us have done, you're likely to make a few mistakes. What's critical is that you just keep at it, fix the mistakes, and move on.

Best of luck with your build! Are you planning to build the power version or the rowing version of the Power-Row Skiff?

Barry Shantz

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