Raw G4 video clips

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Raw G4 video clips

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A little taste of the atmosphere for those that could not make it.

Each night was capped off by some great music too but the video of that is just a dark screen so here are some stills of the nightly entertainment.
Gathering 2010 073.jpg
Ken Drucks is a great singer and pretty good with a guitar too. Very entertaining.
Gathering 2010 041.jpg
Dave Grason playing a guitar made by Jimmy70.
Gathering 2010 044.jpg
A big crowd stayed up late each night.

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Re: Raw G4 video clips

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Re: Raw G4 video clips

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Thanks for sharing. WOW!!!! What a GREAT GATHERING!!!!!

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Re: Raw G4 video clips

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So THATS what Fastidiots sounds like to everyone else... I need a muffler.

Thanks for posting,

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Re: Raw G4 video clips

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Just posted some of my raw clips on our blog as well:
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