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starter issue

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Installed my battery last night with hopes of turning the engine over. Didnt work as I had the wire attached to the wrong terminal on starter. There were two terminals so I had a 50/50 chance. 45 minutes later the big moment arrives as I turn the key and the starter turns over great. Just not the motor. As thoughts of having to remove the motor go thru my head I discovered that the starter does not extend into the bellhousing far enough to engage the flywheel. After hours of research on the internet i found that I have the wrong starter so new one is one the way and the big moment of turning the engine over has to wait some more.
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Re: starter issue

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I had starter issues, also. When they tested the engine they stripped the terminal post. Lots of frustation for sure

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Re: starter issue

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All in a boat builders day, John, keep us posted on this, JC.

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