Golf Cart Motor overheating

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Re: Golf Cart Motor overheating

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I don't know. But, my guess is that a golf cart motor rarily runs for 45 minutes. That is a fairly long run for most of use anyway.

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Re: Golf Cart Motor overheating

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Do you know what the amp draw is at your cruising speed? And do you know the continuous duty rating of your motor?

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Re: Golf Cart Motor overheating

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khundley wrote:I recently read where someone used square tube bent around the motor, maybe the same post Fergal referred to....that might help get better heat transfer than a round coil. jUst a thought.
The guys that race (very high speed) electric and also
2 stoke Radio Control boats use water to cool the motors / engines. Try some small diameter copper tube around the outside of the motor, one end is under water facing forward, the other exits behind. Some have the inlet behind the prop and exit above the water.

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Re: Golf Cart Motor overheating

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Bob wrote:I completed a Lo Voltage in Nov.2010. It is powered by a 3 hp 36 volt golf cart motor. It is a neat little boat but after about 45 minutes of operation the motor is so hot that it cuts out. I have mounted a blower to circulate more air over it and added some makeshift cooling fins but didn't help much. Does anybody with a LO Voltage or similar installation have this problem? Any suggestions?
As is with cars, water cooling will work best and you need to refill the water from time to time. The water will run through a pipe around the mortar and i may be wrong but it may need holes in order to spray the water to the device otherwise the fan cooling is not enough coz fans have a limited running time.

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