small inboards

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small inboards

Post by hzchevy »

Gday all.
In a quest to have something slightly different and unique Im gonna throw this out there. I know the pee wee is only like 8 foot because Im currently building one but what do you think the chances are of fitting it with one of those powerski inboard jets. Its a bit far fetched but would be a cool setup.

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Re: small inboards

Post by eminence front »

that looks like it would be cool, I'm no expert here, maybe others with chime in, But with a will and a way, (and a large pocketbook LOL) I think anything is possible, I'm still trying to figure out how to put a gas turbine in a squirt. Good luck with this. - Scott T

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Re: small inboards

Post by leakcheck »

That could be fun in mini tugs too!!! What is the price of the motor alone?

Someone will chime in here and let us know what the 45HP and 350 thrust equates to in a conventional outboard.

Hmmmmmmm :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:


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