TotalBoat - Not Impressed

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TotalBoat - Not Impressed

Post by BayouBengal »

I've had my first venture into TotalBoat products over the past few weeks. I'm repainting a Sunfish sailboat for a local sailing club that I joined. I viewed this video and decided that I'd go with the TotalBoat fairing compound, primer, and topside paint just as was used in the video (on a gelcoat hull). My feeling now is if TotalBoat/Jamestown did as good a job manufacturing products as it does making videos, they might actually have something worth buying.

The fairing compound doesn't spread well. Instead of spreading like warm peanut butter like when I make my own thickened compound or like SystemThree QuickFair, the TotalBoat product spreads like very cold hard refrigerated butter. It sands okay, but if it spread better you wouldn't have to do near as much sanding.

Their primer is probably the worst. It simply will not cure at all if put on at any serious thickness. I gave it a week to cure and finally threw in the towel and stripped it off with paint remover. Put on thin, it still will not cure even after a full day so that it can be sanded with dry sandpaper because it clogs it all up, even as course as 100 grit gets clogged. It can only be wet sanded. It's touted as a build primer, but it can't be put on thick enough to build up.

The topside paint isn't horrible, but it doesn't offer any advantages that I can see that offset its extremely inconvenient long cure time between coats (a full day).

And all these products put off extremely strong fumes.

Based on my experience so far on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I'd rate TotalBoat's marketing and sales program a 10, but their actual products a 2.

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Re: TotalBoat - Not Impressed

Post by vupilot »

I've only used the Total Boat Lust varnish. It dried fast but was a bit more difficult to get an even coat and didn't cure as smooth as other products I've used like Pettit Captains varnish. It worked better on small items like rails then on big flat pieces like seats or decks. I'd give it a 6.

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