How to make square into round...?

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Mike Worrall
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How to make square into round...?

Post by Mike Worrall »

I'm needing to slide the round 'kranse iron' or 'eyeband' in the photo onto the last 6" or so of the square bowsprit (3.5" X 3.5" Doug Fir).

The ID of the kranse iron is 2.25", the bowsprit is 7' long.

Needing to know how to make a 'square' member into a partial 'round' member...?

I'd like to be precise, meaning I'd like to finish with a truly 'round' 2.25" on the forward 6" of the 'sprit.

Any ideas on how to go about it??

G-L Francis Drake / C-Flex

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