Cutoff lanyard now required by law

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Cutoff lanyard now required by law

Post by hoodman » ... 046931002/

Just passing this on. It is now a federal boating safety law to wear the engine cutoff lanyard. I've never worn one except on jet-skis but it's probably a good idea. Just something to watch out for when you see the LAW out on the water. They might be looking for it.

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Rich Coey
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Re: Cutoff lanyard now required by law

Post by Rich Coey »

Yes a good idea, but as far as the law it is only for boats built January 2020 or later. Factory built for sure, but a home built even after Jan 2020, not sure.


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Re: Cutoff lanyard now required by law

Post by kens »

it looks like that is mandatory to wear it now, whereas it was prior mandatory to install it on manufactured boats after 2020
here is some links to USCG:
>go to mariners tab >boating safety ... evices.php

also looks like not required above 26' boat, a cabin boat, nor at displacement speeds, nor fishing, nor docking.

does it boil down to a boat without cabin <26' while up on plane, no?
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Re: Cutoff lanyard now required by law

Post by JimmY »

While I hate one size fits all laws and regulations, this one is one worth considering. I've been thinking of adding a kill lanyard to my Squirt.
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