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Well, after a couple of years, I'm getting close to completing my Whitehall. The interior and components all have two coats of epoxy. The instructions called for ten coats of varnish on the hull, however, it did not give information for the interior, thwarts, floorboards and knees. I assume the same number of coats? I have seven coats on the thwart, knees and floorboards which I'm trying to finish before I start in the interior. I do have two coats of epoxy on the interior and will start varnishing soon.
YouTubes and internet often say you only need two to three coats of varnish after two coats of epoxy. I'm not looking for the easy way out, just want to make sure I'm getting the right coverage. Appreciate your advice.
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Re: Varnish

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Given how the upper side gets the most sun exposure as well as most of the scuff traffic (from shoes, fishing poles, etc.) I think that 7 coats on the interior is not too much.

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