It is just me ??

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It is just me ??

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Is it just me ? Or did anyone else notice a subtle shot at a plumber in the most recent news letter ?? I mean, think of ALL the profession in the world and she just happens to pick on poor ole plumbers ??? :oops:


PS...But I will fix the leak when I am through with everyone elses ! Maybe it is because we are the oldest profession in the world..(well, the second oldest)Okay, maybe the stone guys came before us too...

Ps..... I don't believe that Gayle skied behind ANY boat...a picture might convince me otherwise !

John Bowen
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Hmmm, Ahhhh, Yehhh,

Just like a plumber, posting such under the the wrong section. Shouldn't such be posted under MISC.? DAH! :? And NOT, Gathering o8. :shock:


Damn, I don't get ta read it till "SOMEONE" posts it under News Letters. (I know, I know, it's just the way it is.)

One day.

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Civil Engineers were the second. 8) The rest of you are just specialist. :lol:

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