Note: Mr. Prokes increased the depth of the sides in the aft of the hull for added safety for the children.

Re: Audeen
Back in 1954 when I was 20 years old, like most of my friends, I wanted a boat. Young, no money, earning about $32.50 per week, I thought, no chance, then I came across a book of GLEN-L plans. That was my start, I bought blueprints only. After that, each week I would buy a tool, a plane, a saw, a square, a drill, box of screws, etc. The boat was constructed of white oak frames. The bottom was 3/8" plywood. Sides were 1/4" mahogany plywood.

I bought a 1956 Ford Thunderbird 292 cu in V8 from the dealer for $400.00. This was a 250 hp out of a wrecked T-Bird with 6K miles. I used a Capital reverse gear box, out of St Paul, MN. Glenwood conversion parts, 12"x16" Michigan wheel to push the boat at 57 mph. In 1958, when the boat was launched, that was fast. We would pull 4 skiers most of the time, 6 skiers a lot, 8 on skis only about 4 times.

We sold the boat in 1969 to a friend, they sold after 1975 to another friend. Then in 7-1-1997 they gave the boat to my son, free, if we would rebuild it. When I built this boat, the workmanship was flawless, I wanted it to last. So in 1997, after 30 long days and nights, we had rebuilt the AUDEEN into another good looking ski boat. The boat started life on the Mississippi River, then to Lake Okoboji, Iowa, now it has gone to Scottsdale, AZ.

40 years so far, how long will it last?

Mark Prokes
LaCrosse, WI