Letter: 23 December 1997

Dear Glen-L,

....please find enclosed pictures of your Cabin Skiff that I built two years ago. I liked what I saw in the hull lines and then modified the interior to function as an open Center Console boat. (GL note: The Cabin Skiff and Console Skiff are the same hulls except that the Cabin Skiff has an extra bulwark for additional hull depth)

To make the hull rigid, I epoxied 1" blue rigid foam to the interior sides of the hull with 1" x 1" ribs every two feet. I then epoxied red cedar clapboards onto the blue foam and screwed them to the 1" x 1"'s. This created an incredibly stiff hull. I also used 2" x 6"s' for the floor stringers to increase the stiffness.

The result is a boat that weighs 1000 lbs. and logged over 1500 miles this past summer on the Maine coast. I specifically built it heavy to soften the ride and have been delighted with the results. We receive comments on the lines and beauty everywhere we go!

I have a 40 hp long shaft Johnson on the boat and it easily planes with two people and its maximum speed is 30 mph.

Building from your plans with stitch and glue was incedibly easy! I would recommend it to anyone!

Thank you,
Scott Vaitones (Winthrop, ME) (GL note: At the 350 lbs. designed weight, speed potential would be greater.)