June 16, 1998

Glen L Marine Designs
I'm sending you one of the latest photos of my boat, your marvelous design "Andante", with the dinky on the step , another of your good designs "Topper". It's our tenth season in this super boat, a very good sea boat.

It is my boat that is in your catalog, you know.

It was a pleasure to work with your plans.

Thank you very much,
Gilles Normand
St Eustache, Quebec

10 decembre 2005

Glen L Marine

I am the owner-builder of the 38' Andante "Le Normand II", built in the years 1985-1989. I am very satisfied, very proud of the boat. It's a head turner whereever I am. It's the end of the 17th summer and it's better year after year. Four years ago, I began to live aboard for 5 months every summer and it's the way to live. It's a wonderful boat. I recommend your plans often to everyone who asks about my boat. And I thank you again.

Gilles Normand
Sorel-Tracy, PQ, Canada