28. September 1998

Dear Sir
Ref: JACK TAR (Wood Version)(Mummysue)
I enclose photographs of Jack Tar, before and after turning. I hope they will be of benefit for your files, and show other customers, who may want to take on a similar project... I have followed your instructions and details of drawings meticulously throughout and must say during the turning of the hull she did not move or make strange noises at all. She is a very strong hull. You will notice I have added an extra rub rail; this is because the hull is built entirely with the West System Epoxy, and the extra rub rail covered the lap of glass cloth, so as to show no junctions. I must say she looks great, and a credit to your design, and knowledge, and I look forward to sending you more photographs of Jack Tar's progress.

Sincerely and thank you
Bob Warner (Herts, England)