SQUIRT / Gary Baker / 10/3/98: Bought frame kit August 98. Ready to turn over- framed & bottom planked. 10-27-98: Final encapsulating coat (3) drying. Steering pulleys,wiring installed, deck filled and faired. Inside painted. Ready for canvas decking and outside paint. 12-8-98: Boat done on trailer, less windshield glass, seat cushions. Motor and wiring installed today. Winter delaying sea trails 'til late April.

22 September 2006

Every-time I look through your website, I tell myself I should have sent you finished photos of my Squirt- the last one there wasnít done, and not in the water.) More people should consider natural canvas, then painted as decking- even if itís bedded in fiberglass resin. Itís incredibly durable, is non-slip, is very easy, and lends itself to painted boats. For folks that donít get the finish they want in a painted deck, it is very forgiving. They look much better, and highly traditional, in person.