Sea Kayak as built by Greg Auman

Letter, 2 June 1999

To: Glen L
Enclosed are some photos for you to share with others that are building the Glen L Kayak (Sea Kayak)....

The Glen L Kayak was the first boat I ever built. What a fun project! What a learning experience. I have had many other projects in my past like airplanes, cars, etc. I am currently in the process of building two more Glen L Kayaks, one each for my wife and daughter.

The Kayak took 8 months to construct from start to finish, building from a set of plans. I might also add that I did it all on my lunch hours and a few hours after work. I couldn't take on any more projects at home, since a car restoration was going on there. I did the boat at work, thanks to my employer who allowed me the work space to do this.