Subject: completion of Rebel
Date: Fri, 2 Jul 1999 16:16:48 -0500

Hello all at Glen-L,

I just wanted to say thanks for providing such great plans and frame kits. I have just completed your Rebel design in May of 1999. After starting in January of 1998 with your frame kit, I spent about 18 months and about 900 hours on the boat in my garage, well two garages actually. During that 18 month period, I also had a new house build and had a new baby. So as you can see, I've been quite productive during the last year and a half.


Anyway, I built the boat using white oak for the keel, battens, chine logs and shear clamp. I then used 1/4" marine plywood (fir) for the sides and bottom. Then, I laminated 1/8" mohogany strips over the plywood and finished the whole thing bright (see pictures). I used WEST System epoxy and stainless steel fastners throughout. The laminating process was very time consuming, but makes for a very strong, stiff and light hull. I installed a 50hp Evenrude outboard on the back which pushes the boat with two adults and two kids at 30+ MPH. She pounds a bit in choppy water, but is very stable at high speed in smooth water. Overall, I am very pleased with the perfomance and appearance of this neat little boat. People always ask how old it is. When I tell them that it is brand new, they are amazed.