Subject: Pictures of my finished boat
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 1999
From: Andy Welch

Dear Sirs:

I found the Glen-L Flying Saucer on the Internet in the fall of 1997 and purchased my plans at Noah's Boat Building Supplies in Toronto. error-file:tidyout.log I built the boat over the winter in my garage and launched it at my cottage in Muskoka in June of 1998. I hated finishing because it was so much fun working on it. You should definitely promote the scarf joint, it was easy with a belt sander and some saran wrap.

The boat planes out beautifully with up to 3 adults aboard using a 15 HP motor. There were a few handling problems at first. Initially I left off the keel strip and added it last fall. This improved handling at low speed in the wind. Also, the boat porpoised at speed until I added a lift fin on the outboard. error-file:tidyout.log Last fall I stuck on a small planing step at the stern beside the new keel strip. These changes basically fixed it up although I would recommend putting the wheel in the front cockpit rather than the back.

Thank you for a wonderful boat building experience.

Here are some pictures.

Andy Welch, P.Eng.