Subject: Bo-Jest
Date: Sat, 28 Aug 2004

Enclosed some new fotos for the picboard from 28.08.04, Day 15 in the building process.
Frames and stringers finshed and ready for planking. Sideplanking scarfed and sanded ready for gluing on. Our experience with the hard to bend Sapelli Mahaghoni AW 100 Typ 10mm was to saw in the bowsection inside every inch a 1,5mm fine cut, half the thickness of the planking and bring it up to the frames for one night, wetting the outside surface for easier bending. Day after epoxing on with screws to frames which come off later. Next time will do planking with 2 layers of 5mm in Bowsection for easier bending and working for two. We hope to keep surface good looking for clear epoxi varnish.

All the best from TIROL-AUSTRIA
Thomas Walli
Tom's Boatshop