20 September 2004

Here is a picture of our "Mist Miss". My dad started building it in 1960 and finished his "project" in 1966. It has a 1956 Buick 322 CID V8 with 225 horsepower connected to a 1939 Pontiac 3 speed manual transmission. It's the only boat we know of that has a clutch. We leave it in 3rd gear all the time and the clutch works out well for low speed maneuvering and gently letting out the slack on ski ropes. We have been taking it on vacations since 1966 and now my son is 21 and is the next generation in our family to use this boat. The top is solid 1/2" mahogany (tongue and grooved). It has been a great family boat for almost 40 years now and with its ample power we can ski up to 3 single skiers at a time. Top speed is around 45 - 50 MPH but we usually don't push it that hard.

Alan (Grandpa), Roger (Dad) and Kevin (Grandson) Gatz
Irvine, California