22 September 2004

Attached are some pictures of "Sassy", our version of Squirt. I am a high school wood working teacher and we built Sassy as a class project. It took us two years, working at it one hour a day. We launched Sassy in May and had a big launching party. About 30 students and several parents showed up for bbq and boat rides. Sassy was built using WEST Epoxy and cypress for the frames. There are no structual screws in the boat. She has a mahogany dashboard, transom, and cockpit coamings. The entire exterior of the hull was 'glassed in with 7oz cloth and then painted with an acrylic urthane paint. Our Marine Mechnics program provided a rebuilt Johnson 35 with electric start. The cowling was bad, so we fiberglassed that, and repainted the motor black so it would match the decor better. The motor was fitted with a dolphin which eliminated the porposing. Sassy will run out at 36 mph according to our GPS. She is a fun boat and we've had a good time building her.

Chris Chadwick
Eau Gallie High School
\Melbourne, FL