Sissy Do boat frames

Fri, 31 Dec 2004

For those interested....and even those not interested, here is a status report of progress on the Sissy Do. A 13' row boat. Chines, Inner Sheer, Transom and Motor Board, Stem and Battens installed and ready for fairing (sanding-ugh) and next will be the assembly of the topsides and bottom. Howzat for a starter. Probably be ready to launch by New Years day (2006 that is).

Sat, 19 Feb 2005

Sissy Do planking

Gayle: You probably didn't get my message but unfortunately my boat building days are over. Have had a series of blood transfusions needed because my Leukemia has really taken over. Won't even be able to finish the Sissy Do (that is about 1/3 done).

Been great dealing with you folks over the years and I regret not being able to carry on, but hey... I'll be 85 tomorrow and lucky to have gotten this far.

My main regret is not being able to complete the Sissy Do. Pix of current and last stage included.

Best to all