Tuffy stem and breasthook

Sat, 22 Jan 2005
Subject: Re: Building the Tuffy


Today (1/22/05), I attached the breasthook to the stem! I've attached a picture for the picture gallery. I hope it appears there soon. My dad and I had a few problems with the screws, but in the end it was fine (note the plaster type filling on the top of the breasthook where we filled up the mistake holes). I might not have much progress for a while, but as soon as my garage gets cleared out, I will get building again. Thanks again,

Matthew Jaroszewicz

Tuffy frames

Today (Wednesday, March 16) was a pretty nice day, so I finished the building form I started last Saturday. Here's a picture of the finished form with the frames, stem, and breasthook on it.

Tuffy frames and battens on building form

25 August 2005

Here is a picture of my Tuffy with its keel and battens. Thanks for the help.

Matthew Jaroszewicz
Cincinnati, OH