Carica frames on building form

Carioca as built by Brian Bouwer
Grand Rapids, MI

28 Jan 2005

Dittos on the good time building this boat. It was a lot of work, but interesting. This boat doesn't go into the water without admirers. All good comments so far. As a matter of fact, they remember the boat. I went to the same lake two days in a row and had three people mention to me that they saw it the day before.

I built the boat to the drawings and specifications provided in the plans. I used white oak for the frames and Douglas-fir marine grade plywood for planking. The windows and trim are mahogany, and the rub rails are white oak. No bottom paint, because she is a trailerable boat.

One thing I would do differently if I built this boat again would be to use two layers of 5 or 6 millimeter plywood on the bottom. 3/8" plywood is really tough to pull into place at the bow and stern.

I put a 50hp Johnson four-stroke outboard on the boat. She'll do about 30 mph with this motor and prop.

The cabin is very handy while fishing with the children. I pack some snacks, sodas, and coloring books and I'm set for the afternoon.

This boat is for sale, but I'm not actively seeking a buyer. My wife informed me that I can't start another boat until I sell this one.

You could buy a plastic boat cheaper than you can buy this boat, but you will never turn heads at the launch ramp like this one does.

Grand Rapids, MI

Carioca hull planked

Carioca hull righted

Putting her on the trailer

Completed, on the trailer

In the water