TNT frames

6 February 2005
Subject: TNT: the whole story

We started the TNT in the summer of 2000. We had received the boat building plans and got right down to work. Within a couple months, we had the frames all assembled and ready for the 1/4 inch plywood. After we had done that, we fibre glassed it, then covered the bottom with white gel coat. When we flipped it over we started to build the deck. Once the deck framing was completed, we covered that with 1/4 inch plywood and a layer of fibre glass. We rolled on the white gel coat to see were our imperfections were. After we did all that work we sprayed a blue endura over the deck and sides. (about 3 coats). In 2004 all we have left to do is install the seats put the steering together, and install our 1989 Johnson 25 hp, short shaft. Thanks Glen-l
Adrian, Matthew, Eric, Dad
Toronto, ON, Canada

In this picture we have the basic hull of the boat done.

At this stage of the building, myself, my dad and my two brothers have the inside of the boat painted with white gel coat, and we have the framed in the top, ready for the panels to go on.

In this picture of the boat we have the top panels on and had laid a "matt" fiberglass over it to give it strength.

This is the colour we painted it, a dark metalic blue, and it looks great when the sun hits it.

TNT test drive