Cracker Box by Bob Londress / Decatur, AL


Cracker Box frames

Enclosed is a pic of my project so far.


Cracker Box: chines and sheers installed

This weekend I got the first chine and sheer clamp lamination attached. Its starting to look like a boat now. I hope to start the side planking in about 2 weeks or so. After the next lamination on the sheer, I've got a lot of planing and sanding to do.


Cracker Box: side planked

Cracker Box: side planked

Finished shaping the sides and most of the bottom. I have both sides planked with 1/4" fir at this point. All went very well, an awful lot of screws involved. I was a little worried about the tumblehome at the transom but it bent very nicely and without any cracking. Both sides were done with 2 sheets of 4 x 8 with plenty of scrap left to trim. I am now getting ready to inset the longitudinal stringers and finish shaping the bottom. I am using 1/2" fir marine for the back 8' and 2 layers of 1/4" fir at the bow section