Sole attached and forward bulkhead installed

(10) Floor soles are installed and the forward bulkhead which will hold the anchor and line.

Hull turned

(11) The boat will be turned over with the help of my wife, a engine lift and a little engineering.

Ready to be glassed

(12) The hull is now ready to be glassed and prepared for paint.

Glassed and painted

(13) The hull is glassed and painted. Lots and lots of sanding.

Accent stripe

(14) Stay Tuned (More to come)

18 October 2005

(15) Under the drivers seat is a porta potty and under the passenger seat a ice chest.

(16) Porta potty ready for action.

(17) Dashboard and wind screen with the seats folded down. The Console has been made 5" wider to protect the occupants.

(18) Front bench seat with a aluminum fuel tank below. The hot seat. On the upper port side of the console is the fuel fill with the vent along side.