21 April 2005

Glen L Witt et. al;

Your engineers, architects and builders of boats have produced a simple explanation to allow an amateur to build a real boat. Thank you!

I modified the cabin roof line and provided a huge amount of knees and beams in order to (I hope) do away with the mast support pole. I shortened the roof to have more deck space, raked the roof slightly more to give an inch of extra headroom aft of the berths.

The frames and timbers are red oak and the trim is mahogany. Other woods used: teak, agathus and mequite. I engineered a flip-up rudder and expect to sail the shallow bays around here, as well as cruise up and down the Intercoastal Waterway.

I've named my boat "Simply" and sought to adher to that principle during construction.

My outboard is a MinnKota - electric is the only sane way to go with a small trailerable boat.

I shall meditate on your well-being during my first overnighter.

Jeffrey Lumbert
Rockport, TX

Glen-L 17 framework

Glen-L 17 planking complete

Glen-L 17 installing carlings

Glen-L 17 starting cabin

Glen-L 17: building cabin