Framework for Audeen rocking boat

May 9, 2005

The enclosed pictures are of a 1/4 scale Audeen. The full scale was completed in 1988 as shown in the Glen-L Customer Photos (without rockers). Photos of my IMP and Topper are also displayed.

The frame of the 1/4 Audeen Rocker is 3/4" ash. The decks, transom and steering wheel are mahogany. The cockpit 1/8" coaming trim and 3/4" rockers are red oak. The outer hull hull is 1/4" marine plywood.

My 11 month old grandson has already enjoyed his role as captain of the "Rockaway".

Very truly yours,
Warren C. Lyon

Rockaway ready for decking

Rockaway cockpit

Rocking boat

Rockaway transom