Glen-L 13 frames

28 July 2005

Here are a few photos of the Glen-L 13. The hull is Douglas-fir marine plywood covered in fibreglas and painted. The deck is ribbon-cut mahogany plywood done in Cris-Craft filler stain and 11 or so coats of varnish. The mast is a clear, 20-foot Douglas Fir 2 x 8 ripped to two 2 x 4s. A dado was cut on the inside before gluing together to lighten it and the shaping was done by hand planing and belt sanding. The bench slat seating is clear cedar. I tried using mahogany but it kept snapping when bent. The floor is plywood covered with automotive carpeting and each section quickly comes out with a single screw. There are two ports cut out of the floor for a hand pump to empty rain water, etc.

Glen-L 13: installing longitudinals

Glen-L 13: side planking installed

Glen-L 13: Planked, painted, right-side up

The outboard motor shown in the photo is no longer on the boat. I'm new at sailing and was unsure of myself, so added the motor. My neighbour, however, was aghast at me adding the little 2 hp Honda and it's now only used to take house guests for a tour around the harbour when there are no winds.