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20 Aug 2005

Dear Glen-L & Boat Builders,
Enclosed you will find photos of my TNT boat. The boat was built over a couple of years by myself, my Grandfather (Erwin M.) and my Dad (Robert L.). I received the plans & materials for the boat as Christmas gift when I was 12 years old in 2003. My Grandfather and I completed the structural build (frame & outer hull) in the summer of 2004 at our family cottage in the Kawartha Highlands lakes region of Ontario CA. My Father and I completed the remainder of the construction and finishing through out the winter & spring of 2005 at home in Oakville, Ontario CA. We finished the exterior with epoxy sealer, marine paints, and only fiber glassed the seams with 3 inch strips of cloth. It was fun building it (and hard work times).

We collected/salvaged many of the parts (i.e. steering assembly, lights, controls, etc...) from retired boats, and the engine (1987, 20 HP Johnson) we had previously. This engine achieved a maximum speed of 27.5 mph. We used a four blade propeller with variable pitch and replaceable blades made by "ProPulse" of Sweden (, with the pitch set at 13 inches. This gave the boat great hole-shot when starting. The boat is awesome, and it gets a lot of attention here.

Best regards.
Sean Stephen L.
Oakville Ontario, CANADA

Proud builders

TNT: dash

TNT transom view