Lucky Pierre home built boat 1

Lucky Pierre built by Bill Kyte, Near Portland Oregon

These photos accompanied the answers to a questionaire we sent out. Below are some of the questions and answers from the questionaire.

What prompted you to want to build a boat?
I could not find a boat on the market that matched my needs. I did not start out with the intention of building one.
What is your opinion of our products?
Excellent. Your plans worked well! It was my first wood-working project. I also was helped greatly by:
A book titled "Building the St. Pierre Dory" by Mark White.
Oldport Marine in New Hampshire. I purchased a complete custimized engine package from him. This included engine, shaft, prop, stuffing box, cutlass bearing, muffler, sea water strainer, sea water intake through hull and ball valve, all hoses required, etc.
Flounder Bay Lumber in Anacortes. Working off your bill of materials, they provided all of my lumber, epoxy, paint, etc.and a lot of 'hand-holding". It was all straight and clear lumber and made construction easy. The last time I checked, their business was for sale.
I could NOT have been successful without your plans, Mark's book, Oldport Marine, and Flounder Bay Lumber!!!
What is your experience with our customer service?
Good. I was pretty impressed when I called one day and I talked to "Witt". I think I was talking to your owner. You were.


Lucky Pierre home built boat 3

Lucky Pierre home built boat 2

Lucky Pierre home built boat 6

Lucky Pierre home built boat 4