Cabin Skiff built by Ed Skulski, Buffalo, NY

October 2005

Cabin Skiff by Ed Skulski

I always wanted to build a boat...

21 August 2006


Getting pretty close to having the boat done. I've attached a few photos. Since the pictures I have completed the bulwark sheers. The cabin sole and deck is teak from an old swim platform I had from a previous boat. I laid it in epoxy as outlined in the Gougeon Bros. manual. I made the louvered doors on the rear bulkhead from mahogany, also a louvered cabin door (not installed yet). It's been a lot of fun and kept me busy for 5 years. Planned launch date is next spring. I’m thinking about a sailboat next.


October 2005

My wife & I will be showing our boat for all 3 days in June at the Wooden Boat show in Mystic Seaport.

Construction Photos