Sissy Do by Nick DeChico

Subject: Project Registry/Sissy-Do
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005

My name is Nick DeChico and I am buiding the Sissy-Do for my graduation project at school. I live in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. I am 16 years. I am building the Sissy-Do in my garage with my father's assistance. I recieved the plans in May of 2005 and started building it in August. At this point (October 17), the boat is completely framed with the battens attached. All frame material is mohagany and was purchased from a local lumberyard as was the 3/4" marine plywood for the transom. I could not find any 1/4" or 3/8" marine plywood locally so I ordered from it a lumberyard in Maryland and had it shipped to my house. Currently, I am in the process of fairing the chines, battens and sheers. As part of my project I am documenting the progress with pictures and a written report.

Sissy Do by Nick DeChico 2

Sissy Do by Nick DeChico 3