Glen-L 30 applying bottom battens

22 Oct 2005

My name is Serge Michaud and I am in the process of building a Glen-L 30. I live in Breakeyville, Quebec, Canada. I started this project in May 2005. I have done quite a bit of work over this summer. I am presently at laying the first layer of plywood on this double-diagonally planked hull. This project is tons of fun, I can't set it aside ... I have given myself 4 years to complete this project. Since I can only work on it summer time I have to move fast in the summer. I intend to fiberglass the hull next summer and to right it and install the ballast keel that I will make with stainless steel and lead. I have attached some pictures of my project ...
bye for now!
Serge Michaud

Glen-L 30 view from bow: framed and bottom battens installed

Glen-L 30 ready for planking

Glen-L 30 bottom planked