Stripper frames

20 Nov 2005

Stripper / Matthew Royds and Tony Edwards / Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Please find attached some photos for your customer photos or project registry of the stripper canoe that we're building. We started the project in July 05 with the intention of having it complete for summer (southern hemisphere). Building has been mostly occurring one day on the weekend which accounts for the slow progress. We're mostly on track and should complete in January 06. We've chosen to build the canoe as a 17 foot version.

The hull has been sanded back and had the first layer of fibreglass since the last photo was taken.

The hull is western red ceder with some pine highlights. The sheer will be Hoop Pine and the seats will be Ash. The breasthook and bulkheads will be made from leftover western red ceder and pine laminated together.

It's been a great project so far. Fibre glassing was a bit of a challenge but got through it without any major mishaps. We're looking forward to removing the hull from the forms and commencing the interior detail work.


Stripper early stages

Stripper, bottom finished

Stripper stem

Stripper hull planking done