Stripper canoe built from Glen-L plans

13 Dec 2005

The project is progressing well. The exterior fibreglassing has been completed. The fibreglassing took a lot longer than I expected. We thought that we would have it done in two days. It took four. We have pulled the hull from the frame and have trimmed the sheer.

We will be completeing the interior over Christmas, which will leave us the seats and detail work for Jan 06. New revised date for launch is Feb 06. Still enjoying the project. Glad to be over fibreglassing for the moment and back into woodwork.

Best Regards,

Stripper canoe built from Glen-L plans

Stripper canoe built from Glen-L plans turned right-side up

13 July 2006

Just a quick update for the customer photos and project registry page. The canoe is now finished. We plan on launching in the next week or so. Just have to finish the paddles!

Matthew Royds