Kayak framework

Joaò Pessoa
December 12, 2005

Dear Manager

I bought last 06-07-05 the plans and patterns for the Kayak, number 480. Now I am finished, I am sending some construction photos. I didn't use nails or screws, I used only epoxy, with a lot of clamps and washer blocks. I covered only the bottom with mat and polyester resin.

I use the Kayak to paddle with my son. It is very good and has a lot of space. I would like you to put these photos in Customer Photos. I am sending these together with an order form to buy the Book of Boat Designs because I intend to choose a new design to build.

The Kayak was the first boat that I have built, I am an amateur, I am a dentist. The Glen-L designs are very good, objective and easy to understand.

Best regards
Louis Carl da Silva Souza

2. Side planking installed.

4. Side and bottom planking installed.

6. Deck beams, strongback and carlings installed.

3. Bottom planking being installed.

5. Righting the hull.

7. Moving to another worksite.

8. Decking installed.

9. My asssistants: Lucas, my son; Rafa and Malu.