Building the Console Skiff

Console Skiff by Matt Marzullo

Let me start by saying I would like to give a special thanks to the other builders that helped me thru the project. Dan Hehn, Gary Solmi who both did a wonderful job on their CS's, the staff from Glen-L, particularly Allyn Perry and Barry Witt and of course the guidance from all the great guys from the Boat Builders Forum.

The project started in May of 2005 and was completed in February 2006 working mainly on the weekends. I tried to stick as close as possible to the original design as that is what inspired me to build the Console Skiff. The modifications that I made were widening the motor well to 30 inches to accommodate the new style steering systems. Installing a custom 18 gallon aluminum gas tank below the forward sole between the long boards and modifying the console to making it taller and angling the backrest to make it more comfortable for whoever was sitting on the front seat.

On its maiden voyage I have received numerous comments on the look of the boat, while returning home I was approached at a traffic light by someone who asked "who manufactured that boat" I explained to him that I had built it. He then asked me if I would consider building another one for him. We traded phone numbers and he called me yesterday to discuss pricing. How cool is thatů I'm not sure that I will actually do it mainly because I'd be concerned about liability issues, however it is worth considering.

The boat is powered with a 2006 Evinrude E-TEC 50hp motor and the performance of the boat is fantastic, at 4500 RPM it turns 40 knots and handles great. If I were to build another the only other modification that I would make is adding another inch or so to the depth of the skeg as I feel this would make slow speed maneuvering even better in windy conditions. The raised bulwarks really help keep the boat dry. I'm not new to woodworking but there is something to be said about boat building, it's just so rewarding compared to other forms of woodworking. I'm sure that I will be building another Glen-L design soon.

Matt Marzullo
JF Woodworks

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