Glen-L 25 by Thomas I. Stuart
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

8 May 2006

Here are some pictures updating a Glen-L25 project I started last summer. I purchased the plans around 1980 and am just now getting started. Hope to have the plywood and fiberglassing done this year then turning it over in the fall. More photos to come as I complete the project.

This photo, port side frame 3 and trunk showing centerboard shaft. Frames, bedlogs are Spanish Cedar with Mahogany plywood.

Port side stern. Frames are Spanish Cedar of greater thickness to equal strength of specified material but less weight.

View from stern without keel. Keel is lap joined here between stern and frame 1. Note I used lag bolts to bed logs of trunk.

Starboard side frame 3. Note I lap joined battens here full length between frames. Battens are Mahogany.

Starboard side looking aft from frame 4. Note supporting frame is made from cedar posts set into ground.

Starboard side looking aft from frame 5. Note upper battens are full lap jointed between frame 3 and 5.